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The Medical Device Sales System

This step by step system will guide you into a six figure device sales role, even if you have no experience.

          Secret #1 How to use this course to land your six figure career with clear goals and deadlines.

          Secret #2 How to accelerate results with my relationship building hacks.

          Secret #3 How to network your way into the business even if you don't have experience.


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What You're Gonna Get...

12 Step by Step Modules on Getting into your Six Figure Med Device Career ($497 Value)

Interview Templates, Email Scripts, Resume Guides, Progress Checklists ($597 Value)

Instant Relationship Building Hacks to overcome No Experience ($399 Value)

Current Experience Power Booster Secrets ($254 Value)

Recruiter / Hiring Manager Connection Hacks ($599 Value)

                                                          Total Value: $2,346 

Introduction to the Get Into Medical Device Sales System

The Get into Medical Device Sales System is the #1 resource for getting into the medical device sales industry with no industry experience.  The course will help you to simplify, amplify and break into the business without spinning your wheels.  Put together with the experiences of Saul Marquez from the Smart Medical Sales Podcast along with the best hiring managers and recruiters in the industry, you'll be diving into the playbook and step by step process many others have taken to break into your first $150,000+ career in medical device sales.

    • How to Score and Ace Phone and in Person Interviews
    • Overcome Common Objections Like Lack of Experience
    • Getting to The Final Interview and Getting the Best Salary / Commision Offers
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Claudia Friedman Claudia Friedman, Med Device Sales Professional

    "Saul's system provided me with relevant and practical insights into what the ideal medical device sales candidate looks like, acts like and does.  I used everything Saul put into place with this course to break into my first 6 figure medical device role!  Thanks!!"

    Sean Furlong Sean Furlong, Med Device Sales Professional

    "Saul, It's been a while since I finished the course, but I wanted to share the good news. I was recently offered the job of Account Manger for a Medical Device Company in Chicago!!  I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you had helped me with along the way. I REALLY appreciate it. I will keep you updated on this journey!"

    The Modules Included in This Proven Process Include

    Videos, Worksheets, Checklists and Resources to help you maximize learning and accountability.

    • Become knowledgeable about the industry, your career and what to expect
    • Get your 'medical device sales basics' prepared to help you earn 6 figures
    • Become unstoppable with your driving force - Kickstart your WHY for Med Device
    • Create relations that will get you interviews by mastering the outreach and the contacts game
    • Establish a strong network outside of the internet with tips like the Vendor Kiosk Move
    • Overcoming the biggest roadblocks to success - Don't become a victim of the terrible FOUR
    • Relationship building tips, interview hacks, live event skills to help you land your career quickly
    • Differentiate yourself from 99% of other salespeople
    • A step by step walkthrough on how master the interview
    • How to stop screwing yourself over - It is simple, but not easy
    • Get the job offer with interview best practices, confidence building, helpful tactics
    • Tactics that will help you shine: STAR Method, Overcoming Objections, Closing, You’re IN!

    Take the complexity, mystery and frustration out of the search process and start earning $150,000+ by clicking below.

    One Payment of $195